Rob P Brown

Rob P Brown - Freelance trainerRob is a freelance trainer, consultant & coach and works throughout the UK & Ireland.

He has a first degree in Business Studies, an Associateship in Corporate Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health and is a member of the Institute of Directors.

His career began in the private sector where he worked for four large public limited companies. His roles included: training, organisational development, project management, mentoring, accountancy, customer service management and acting as company secretary.

He went on to work for the NHS where he was latterly Training & Education Manager with the South East Sheffield NHS Primary Care Trust. His role included commissioning and delivering the local and national training & conference programme and organisational development across the Trust and with partner organisations.

Rob is co-author of Boys Own, a book about self-esteem, emotional resourcefulness and young men and regularly delivers a two-day course across the UK and Ireland which accompanies this.

Rob has been trained by Nancy Kline and is a qualified & registered Thinking Environment Consultant and Coach.

Rob is a partner of Mentor Group and Business Director of Brightfurnace

Robs other roles include, Principal Associate to: Venture for Life Venture Foundation and The Food Detectives. For more information about these organisations, please contact Rob directly.

With Rick Armstrong, Rob is co-author of The Little Book of Positive Thoughts Rick and Rob believe passionately in the power of words to change for the better the world in which we live and work.

Rob's main dream is to help everyone reach their full potential. He has two Godchildren Thomson and Cole and loves to spend time learning from them.